Back To The Band Room – Part 4

As promised in Part 3 of this short series, here are some suggestions for what Sir Thomas Beecham called “lollipops” – pieces that fit very well at the end of your programme, some are entertainment style, others are more reflective. The value of these titles is that they are in contrast to the rest of your programme – the band enjoy playing them – the audience love to hear them.
Before I list these titles, all of which I have programmed over many concerts, please read the previous Parts 1-3 and attempt to construct the observations I have made into your future rehearsals and concerts – it will pay musical dividends, I promise!

• Singin’ in the Rain (Nacio Herb Brown arr. Alan Fernie – Obrasso-Verlag)

• Anything Goes (Cole Porter arr. Paul Jennings – Warner)

• Keystone Kops (Carl Davis arr. Phillip Littlemore – Faber Music)

• Gershwin (George Gershwin arr. Warren Barker – WB Music Corp)

• With Quiet Courage (Larry Daehn – Daehn Publications)

• Applause (Takamasa Saka – de Haske)

• Firefly (Simon Dobson – Faber Music)

• Popov’s Parade (Duncan Stubbs – Faber Music)

• Ave Maria (Franz Biebl arr. Robert Cameron – Boosey & Hawkes)

• The Bandwagon (Philip Sparke – Anglo Music)

Keith Allen