COVID-19 Risk Mitigation for Bands (West Point Band, USA)

Read the following article from West Point Band, US Army on their approach on COVID-19 Risk Mitigation for Bands. This article is being regularly updated so please read the full article on the West Point Band Site. Link below.


To describe the deliberate decision-making process undertaken by the West Point Band in returning to live music rehearsal and performance during elevated risk of airborne viral transmission (specifically the Novel Coronavirus pandemic of 2020). This document is intended to serve as a guidebook for any large gathering of musicians seeking to reduce risk of viral spread while maintaining practical needs of ensemble performance.


In March of 2020, the United States began to see exponential increases coronavirus (COVID-19) cases, a large portion of which were concentrated in the greater New YorkCity area. 50 miles north of the City, the United States Military Academy at West Point recognized the need for swift action to protect the health of its cadets, staff, faculty, and more