Back To The Band Room – Part 2

Following on from last month’s thoughts on those first rehearsals following such a long gap in ensemble playing, here are some suggestions which I hope lead your band into confident playing again.

Once again, I stress the value of time being taken in ‘warm-ups’ and unison playing at the commencement of all rehearsals to create a central focus (see Part 1).

Having played a fairly straightforward piece centred on sensitive musical phrasing (see suggestions in last month’s Part 1), a shortish piece containing some vibrant rhythms will stimulate the excitement at this stage of your rehearsal.

Here are some suggestions:

Grade 1

A London Intrada (Philip Sparke – Anglo Music)
Attack of the Cyborgs (Robert Buckley – Hal Leonard)
Pathfinders March (Philip Sparke – Anglo Music)

Grade 3

Bridgwater Breeze (Adam Gorb – Maecenas Music)
Encanto (Robert W Smith – Hal Leonard)
Exultation (Philip Sparke – Anglo Music)
Shining Sword (Rob Wiffin - Studio Music)
Popov’s Parade (Duncan Stubbs – Faber Music)

Grade 5

Principo (Rob Wiffin – Studio Music)
Masque (Kenneth Hesketh – Faber Music)
Festive Overture (Shostakovich arr. Hunsberger – MCA)
Ride (Samuel R Hazo – Hal Leonard)
Fiesta (Philip Sparke - Anglo Music)

Grade 2

Big Screen Fanfare (James Rae – Universal Edition)
La Caracola (Philip Sparke – Anglo Music)
Rockbuster (James Rae – Universal Edition)
Shaftoes’s Hoe Down (Malcolm Binney – Maecenas Music)

Grade 4

Eine Kleine Yiddishe Ragmusik (Adam Gorb – G & M Brand)
Keystone Kops (Carl Davis – Faber Music)
Fanfare for a Festival (Malcom Arnold arr. MacDonald - Studio Music)
Shortcut Home (Dana Wilson – Boosey & Hawkes)
Whirlegig (Kenneth Hesketh – Faber Music)

Next time, some pieces of varied character and longer term projects... in Part 3

Keith Allen